[[Race and Reality]] by David Duke  
0:07My dear friends in Europe the Americas, Mideast and all over the world. In the next few moments
0:12I will challenge you. I will ask you to be truly open minded about a subject that is
0:17shrouded in taboo. I ask you to use your intelligence and exert the moral courage to think for yourself
0:24rather than blindly accept the dogma of the globalist media. You tuned in, and I believe
0:30that you are listening now because you are open minded to new points of view. So here
0:35we go, together will dive into forbidden ground, into forbidden thoughts and ideas, but remember
0:43throughout the history of world, true understanding has always come about by breaking taboos and
0:50questioning the establishment dogma.
1:01First, let me mention that there are millions
1:03of people of every imaginable ethnic group, race and every religion all over the world
1:10who watch my videos and who read my books and articles. I have friends in just about
1:15every nation and among every ethnic group on earth. These are men and women who appreciate
1:21my thinking and my teaching and understand that I truly want a better world not just
1:27for my own people, but for every people, every heritage on the earth. What I say to my own
1:35people is the same that I say for every people on the planet. Most thoughtful people see
1:41the increasing war and hate and discord on earth from simply reading the news with truly
1:50open eyes and open minds, or you may see the problem I will allude to first hand. Some
1:56of you watching already live in a society increasingly ethnically divided. Some of you
2:01watching this are in nations practically at civil war along ethnic or religious lines
2:08or even a deadly combination of both of them. Some of you have even been a victim of ethnic

2:16cleansing. I have even received many letters Ethiopians and other nationalities who have
2:21suffered greatly in ethnic conflict, and many of my friends are among the long persecuted
2:28people of Palestine, you might be one of them. Some of you live in the neighborhoods of your
2:35fathers and mothers and you have come to feel like YOU are an intruder, that YOU are now
2:41a stranger in your own neighborhood, your own village or city, that your land is being
2:45transformed. You now walk on streets that no longer feel like home, or discover yourself
2:53in school where you are the new minority, you are now a harassed outsider in a once

3:00safe place where your folks attended in harmony. In many nations, fear of crime and violence
3:08makes you pause. If you are a man you fear for your wife or daughter or son every time
3:14he or she leaves home, or conversely if you are woman, you worry for your husband, son
3:20or daughter as he or she ventures into the world.
3:26It is not just nations of the Mideast or Africa that face this new reality, for it is increasing
3:34in Britain, in France, in Germany, in the United States, and elsewhere. If you are old
3:40enough, like me, many of you watching his live in a house or apartment where once your
3:46home needed hardly a lock, but it now has bars on the doors and windows or at least
3:54a security system that will warn you of danger, perhaps even horror, in the coming night.

4:05Sometimes it seems to you that criminals and hooligans are outside the bars and the decent
4:10people are now the ones forced behind bars. Where the language of your forefathers in
4:18your own land is heard less and less. When I hear that, I especially think of Palestinians
4:25in what is now Israel, but I can also think of parts of Los Angeles and London, and parts
4:31of Paris where English and French are losing ground. You live in communities where politics
4:38and culture and religion are divided by ethnic lines and ethnic hatreds. Where rancor and
4:47accusations fill the air. Of course, there are a million calls for peace and love, but
4:56things only seem to get worse and each year conflict intensifies rather than abates. The
5:01clash of civilizations goes on within nations now, not just on the borders. Maybe you are
5:09young person who feels alienation. What a accurate word that is. Alienation, for that
5:17is exactly what it is. It makes me think of the haunting poem by
5:21William Butler Yeats called the Second Coming, here’s some lines form it.

5:27Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
5:34The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
5:40And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
5:45Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? I ask you to consider why? For the first time
5:54in your life perhaps, someone asks you to look at the fundamental reasons for a world
5:59increasingly descending into strife and hate and increased terrorism, war and conflict
6:05rather than scaling higher and higher on the stairs of civilization. Are you like me? Can
6:13you not feel the stairs of civilization crumbling under your feet rather than rising to the
6:21stars. Today I will break taboo. I will talk about
6:25something forbidden to speak frankly about. I will talk about that highly charged word,
6:31that has become practically a taboo to discuss: race.

6:42What is race? Is it real? The globalist media tells us it doesn’t even exist, that it
6:46is merely a social construct with no real meaning. I will break taboo and suggest to
6:51you that human beings are part of the natural world, and that race is as real for human
6:59beings as it is for different breeds of Deer or Whales or Dolphins. The truth is that race
7:06is simply an expression of nature and evolution, or for those religious, it is an expression
7:13of God. The scientific term for race is subspecies. Today I will focus on scientific not religious
7:20explanations, but ironically, perhaps it is important I begin by touching on this subject
7:26by the three most written about religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In fact,
7:33I will show you that in their sacred writings they all support the idea that races do exist
7:39and that there are also differences among them. Though it must be said that there is
7:43a different point of view among the religions on how you should treat someone of a different
7:50race. In this point the truth gets a bit uncomfortable
7:56for some of you. I will start with the religion of Judaism. And I will preface by saying that

8:04all religious Jews are not of course, racist, and some are to be admired for bravely working
8:09against the racism inherent in Judaism, but it is an undeniable fact that the central
8:15foundation of Judaism is based not only on a belief system but the idea of a particular people
8:25defined by their lineage or heritage, and racial and religious supremacy of that heritage,
8:32and when I use the word racist, I am referring to the idea that one race has the supposed
8:37right to rule over, oppress, exploit, and enslave other races. I am asking you to open-mindedly
8:45read both the Torah and Talmud.

8:50I know that some of you because of the lies
8:52of the Zionist-dominated media, are very anxious to disprove me or even to hate me. But if
8:58you still have the power of reason and independent thought, listen carefully to this passage
9:04from Deuteronomy
9:06quote: when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and
9:13utterly destroy them, thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them;
9:19Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his
9:25son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. . . . another passage, I
9:31am the Lord your God which has separated you from other people.
9:38. . . Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all
9:43the mixed multitude. (Nehemiah 13:3)163.
9:45I could go on and on. The Old Testament even says that God wants
9:51Jews to enslave non-Jewish human beings and keep them as possessions forever passed down
9:58generation to generation but that Jews cannot enslave their fellow Jews or treat them harshly.

10:05Here is the exact verse: As for your male and female slaves whom you
10:11may have: you may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are round about
10:20you. …You may bequeath them to your sons after
10:22you, to inherit as a possession forever, you may make slaves of them, but over your own
10:30brethren the people of Israel you shall not rule, one over another, with harshness.
10:36I am not taking anything out of context, this
10:41is no trick. Pause this video if you want and get out your Bible and check out other verses
10:51Now compare the words I just read to the image presented by hundreds of movies produced by
10:55the Jewish Hollywood bosses showing Jews as champions of freedom.
11:29Even in Egypt the Jews themselves owned slaves, just as the Pharaoh did.

11:35Just as the law in Leviticus shows, in my video the Shocking
11:40Jewish Role in Slavery, leading Jewish historians actually boast of the Jewish domination of
11:46the slave trade all the way back to Roman times and boast of their absolute domination
11:53of the horrendous African slave trade to the New World. Watch that video
11:59Now Christianity, thank God, was a real break
12:02from Judaism. Christianity preached that the chosen, or the elect are simply those who
12:07accept Jesus Christ. That salvation is available to all people. Both Christianity and Islam
12:15have views on race that are very different from Judaism. In both Islam and Christianity
12:22their choseness is based on shared belief that is open to all people equally, and they
12:28are not genocidal toward other races. They are inclusive by faith, but they both also
12:35recognize that God made different races or nations and even borders for peoples.
12:39Quran - 16:93 an-Nahl - The Bee

12:43The Muslim Qur’an for instance states clearly the good sense that if had God wanted to make
12:49just one people and one language, he would have MADE just ONE PEOPLE and ONE language.
12:56The Qur’an does not believe that God made some sort of mistake in the creation different
13:02races and languages and nations. It respects those diverse creations as the works of God
13:08himself. And I have news for fellow Christians, the New Testament says the same thing.
13:16In Acts 17: 26 it says essentially the same thing that God made from one blood all
13:22nations, but that’s where the controlled media usually cuts off the quotation. The
13:27scripture goes on to say that God, quote, “determined the bounds of their habitation.”
13:34Determined the bounds of their habitation. Of course, science says something remarkably
13:41similar. In truth if you go back far enough, there is a common ancestor of all mankind.
13:48In fact there is a common ancestor for every form and variety of life on Earth. Each and
13:54every one of us is related. We ARE related to every other human being. Actually all of

14:01us are related to every living being upon the Planet. And we can go even further, the
14:06molecules of which we are made are exactly the same as those that make up the mountains
14:11and the sea and the stars. We are actually made of the same particles that compose everything
14:19in our magnificent universe. We truly actually from the stars themselves.
14:27So we are indeed related, but that doesn’t mean we are the same. We are also different
14:32and diverse! We share over 70 percent of our genes with wolves or Deer or Tigers or even
14:38our beloved dogs and cats. But look at the distinctions between all these wonderful life
14:44forms. We share almost 99 percent of our DNA with Chimpanzees, but vive la difference between
14:50a chimp and a man.

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The Clear and obvious evidence that human races do exist and that their biodiversity should be treasured rather than dismissed.

How race has become a bad word in the globalist media but in reality race is simply a magnificent expression of Nature and Human Biodiversity. Human racial heritage and diversity should be preserved and treasured.

And why each people should have the right to be preserved and every people should have the freedom to live in a society of their own nature and values.
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@Fischer977 Duke DOES criticize Zionism and Jewish Supremacism because that's what he does. There is a need to break the silence on the subject. You said, "Christianity and Islam killed the most people throughout history", but communism, in the 20th century alone, vastly out killed those two religions in their entire history, and it was a "Jewish thing" from the start, being financed by Jewish bankers, and all the Gulag concentration camps, as Solzhenitsyn proved, were Jewish run.


drdduke 4 mesi fa 68
how can you not agree with someone as honest and intelligent as Dr Duke? its a pity that people like Dr Duke are targeted. people like him risked their life to spread the truth.

the elites would be dumb or desperate if they were to assassinate him so they used character assassination instead by calling him a racist just simply because he opposed the idea of zionism. they cry anti semitism when they themselves said you dont have to be born jewish to be a zionist.

KUS25 4 mesi fa 41
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@drdduke we need new anti virus.. and to get new anti virus we need the people to wake up on what DR Duke is saying.. when American people understand this i am scare of it will be to late by then.. what i mean by that is Israel is already to powerful. if not one of most powerfully militarily.

XasanSayid 4 giorni fa
@captinseperoth lol

TheKashmir85 2 sett. fa

Preserve your kin, don't let your own fade out of existence, don't be a stranger in your own country, you don't hate YOURSELF, do you?


In your OPINION I'm a racist, you're just saying that 'cause I'm white, "anti-racist" is just a codeword for "ANTI-white".


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Arab countries for Muslims

White countries for EVERYBODY.


It's genocide.

fullfist 2 sett. fa
Is David Duke a Christian who accepts evolution?

MetaphysicalDream 2 sett. fa

I agree we need to bend our culture for gay pride, and within a few years pedophile pride,and then bestiality pride!

captinseperoth 3 sett. fa
@pcangeldust is there any pics of hussein obama eatin' a watermelon?

TheMoocher100 3 sett. fa
@TheMoocher100 yep just had chicken n rice with watermelon :D

pcangeldust 3 sett. fa
@pcangeldust and the best side dish for the chicken.........

.......of course is a watermelon

TheMoocher100 3 sett. fa
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